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About Our Reviews & Ratings

We strive for our reviews to be something between a quick overview and a Wikipedia article. Our goal is not to bog down the reader with unnecessary specifics. We understand that this will only detract from the main takeaways of looking at a project in its entirety. However, we also understand that in order to properly understand a project, sometimes details need to be laid out plain as day and explained. We hope to find the middle ground in helping both newcomers and seasoned investors alike get a better understanding of cryptocurrency projects.

Our ratings process assesses cryptocurrency projects on 10 different aspects to determine their overall viability. Each aspect is given a rating on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being abismal, 5 being average, and 10 being exceptional. These individual category ratings are then combined to create the final aggregated Coin Grades rating out of 100 total points. The following are examples of questions we ask ourselves when assessing a blockchain project.

Security: How secure is the network, funds stored on it, and transactions sent across it?

Decentralization: Is the network fully decentralized, or does it tend to give power to a small group of influential actors?

Scalability: Will the project be able to effectively handle difficult loads of volume, or will it get backed up and congested leading to prolonged or expensive wait times?

Speed: How long does one need to wait to receive a transaction from the moment it is sent?

Energy Consumption: Does the network produce an excessive amount of negative externalities on the environment?

Team: How qualified is the team? Do they have a solid roadmap? What about their budgeting?

Community: How large and how effective is the community surrounding the project?

Adoption: Is the product already being used by its intended market?

Growth Potential: Does the project currently stand to gain a significant amount of market share as it grows and achieves its goals?

Liquidity: Is the cryptocurrency easy to buy and sell? Are the orderbooks thick or thin? Will a large buy or sell impact the price greatly?

All of our ratings from start to finish are standardized, meaning that extreme grades such as F’s and A’s will be relatively rare as compared to the amount of average (C) projects. We believe that this is the fairest and most efficient way to represent the plethora of blockchain projects out there, and to let truly exceptional projects in either direction stand out. Our final grades are awarded as follows.

A = 81 - 100
B = 61 - 80
C = 41 - 60
D = 21 - 40
F = 0 - 20

Pluses (+) and minuses (-) will be added to each grade if the final rating tends towards the top or bottom of its range (within 5 points of a different grade).

We will do our best to keep up to date on all of our reviews and ratings. The world of cryptocurrency is vast and fast-moving and we will make sure that our reviews remain as relevant as possible.

Do not compare the cryptocurrencies we review based solely upon their rating. Cryptocurrencies fit many different use cases, and just because two coins have similar ratings this does not mean that they have similar functions.