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Coin Grades will regularly add and update reviews as we move forward. To suggest which review we should add next, reach out to us via Twitter @CoinGrades or send an email to the editor, [email protected].

Due to the immense amount of blockchain projects to be reviewed, and the limited reach of our team, Coin Grades does offer official and unofficial representatives of cryptocurrency projects the paid service to move their reviews up the next available release date as well as to promote the reviews on our website and social media.

Please note that use of this service does not and will not affect or influence the content of the review in any way. This process will only change the date that the review would be scheduled to be released, which can sometimes speed up the process by several months.

Coin Grades reserves the right to reject promotional material for projects that we have given the grades of D and F.

For further information on this process, please contact the Editor, [email protected].