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00: Glossary of Terms

With new technology comes new terminology that may or may not make sense to the average person. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used terms within the cryptocurrency space to serve as a reference point for you to come back to whilst doing your research on various cryptocurrencies.


01: Introduction to Blockchain

A brief and easy to understand introduction to blockchain technology. What is it, what makes it unique, and what do so many see in it.


02: Introduction to Cryptocurrency

A short and simple explanation for what cryptocurrency is, how it is related to blockchain, and what advantages it has over traditional currencies.


03: Introduction to Peer to Peer Currencies

Peer to peer cryptos are digital currencies that seek to take on the function and properties of everyday currencies. Primarily meant to be fast and secure, P2P cryptos are best suited to take on the task of completing common and routine financial transactions.