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00: Glossary of Terms

With new technology comes new terminology that may or may not make sense to the average person. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used terms within the cryptocurrency space to serve as a reference point for you to come back to whilst doing your research on various cryptocurrencies.


01: Introduction to Blockchain

A brief and easy to understand introduction to blockchain technology. What is it, what makes it unique, and what do so many see in it.

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Litecoin [C-]

Litecoin (LTC) is often thought of as Bitcoin’s little sibling, and for good reason. A cryptocurrency created through a fork of the original Bitcoin code, Litecoin has been around since 2011. Crypto buyers sometimes refer to Litecoin as the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. LTC maintains a lot of Bitcoin’s strengths while also being faster and cheaper to send. Due to its longevity, Litecoin is a staple in many crypto portfolios.

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Ethereum [A-]

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the first cryptocurrency projects to expand upon the potential future uses of blockchain technology. Ethereum offers programmers the ability to create smart contracts, decentralized applications, and ERC-20 tokens. Ethereum seeks to create a decentralized platform that others can leverage to advance their own infrastructure, whether it be personal, communal, or enterprise-grade. Ethereum currently has some of the most prominent examples of adoption in the world of cryptocurrency.


Nano [A-]

Nano (NANO) is a cryptocurrency that prides itself on very fast and feeless transactions as well as being more environmentally friendly compared to its competitors. Originally created to address the inefficiencies of older generation cryptocurrencies, Nano uses a block-lattice structure instead of a traditional blockchain structure to achieve its highly efficient outcomes in transaction processing.


Ripple [A-]

Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency used by Ripple Labs in their financial innovation products. XRP is a centralized cryptocurrency that seeks to serve as a mediary form of payment for financial institutions from around the world to better allow for cross border payments and asset transfers. Their team and track record are among some of the best in the crypto space.


Basic Attention Token [B+]

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the cryptocurrency native to the Brave browser. Brave uses a built-in adblocker along with additional privacy features to deliver the purest internet browsing experience possible. Users of the Brave browser can opt in to see ads and are paid in BAT for every ad they choose to view. The BAT token can then be used to tip content creators through the browser effortlessly and seamlessly through a well designed user interface, or can be kept safe and secure to be sold on the market in the future.


Stellar Lumens [B]

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the native cryptocurrency to the Stellar Payment Network. XLM is marketed as a cross-border transfer of value and bridge currency, particularly for those in unbanked communities. Stellar is able to increase the speed and lower the cost of transactions in many different fiat currencies. Right now, the Stellar Payment Network is one of the fastest ways to transfer money across the globe, and for near zero fees. IBM’s World Wire is built on Stellar, and there are already numerous fiat-based tokens on the network.

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