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With new technology comes new terminology that may or may not make sense to the average person. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used terms within the cryptocurrency space to serve as a reference point for you to come back to whilst doing your research on various cryptocurrencies.


Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

A brief and easy to understand introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. What are they, what makes them unique, and what do so many see in it.

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Ontology [C]

Use Case: Enterprise Blockchain Solution
Description: Ontology (ONT) is an easily integratable enterprise-level blockchain solution. Their main goal is to make the technology accessible to businesses that may have no blockchain knowledge. Ontology is known for its benefits such as security, staking rewards and accessibility.
Strengths: Secure, easy to implement, works with other chains, accessibility of wallets
Weaknesses: ONG requirement is a huge issue for token holders, lack of liquidity, lack of transparency

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Ethereum [A-]

Use Case: Decentralized Application Platform
Description: Ethereum offers programmers the ability to create smart contracts, decentralized applications, and their own cryptocurrency tokens. Ethereum seeks to create a decentralized platform that others can leverage to advance their own infrastructure, whether it be personal, communal, or enterprise-grade.
Strengths: Very large developer community, enterprise-level adoption, promising future updates
Weaknesses: Uncertainty regarding future improvements, occasionally subject to high fees and backlogging of transactions


Nano [A-]

Use Case: Peer to Peer Currency
Description: Nano originally was created to address the inefficiencies of older generation cryptocurrencies. Nano uses a block-lattice structure instead of a traditional blockchain structure that greatly increases the efficiency of transaction processing.
Strengths: Instant and feeless transactions, dedicated community, environmentally friendly
Weaknesses: Small development team with a small budget, untested on larger scales


Ripple [B+]

Use Case: Utility/Peer to Peer Currency
Description: XRP is the cryptocurrency used by Ripple Labs in their financial innovation products. XRP seeks to serve as a mediary form of payment for financial institutions from around the world to better allow for cross border payments and asset transfers
Strengths: Superior team, significant real-world adoption, fast and cheap transactions, environmentally friendly model
Weaknesses: Disputes over actual use case and future value, mostly centralized network, majority of supply still owned by Ripple Labs.


Stellar Lumens [B+]

Use Case: Utility/Peer to Peer Currency, Token Issuance
Description: Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the native cryptocurrency to the Stellar Payment Network. XLM is marketed as a cross-border transfer of value and bridge currency, particularly for those in unbanked communities.
Strengths: Strong team, good adoption, fast and cheap transactions, environmentally friendly
Weaknesses: Competitive niche, large uncirculating supply


Bitcoin [B]

Use Case: Peer to Peer Currency
Description: Bitcoin is currently the most valuable and well-known digital currency in the market. Bitcoin operates without the authority of a central bank or other manipulative entity, fulfilling its mission to become one of the fairest forms of payment and stores of value in existence.
Strengths: Durability, security, first-mover advantage, very large community
Weaknesses: Slow transaction times, unstable transaction fees, large energy consumption

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